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“Our mission is to provide exceptional solar panel cleaning services that maximize the efficiency and lifespan of our clients’ solar energy systems. We are committed to delivering professional, reliable, and eco-friendly solutions that enhance sustainable energy production and contribute to a greener future.”

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We use filtered deionized water only. All natural no chemicals, no water spot of hard water calcification spots.

Fact: The wildfire ash is carbon. Carbon and salt when mixed create a black stain on glass and plastic. Maui’s recent wildfires have produced a tremendous amount of ash. All over Maui the efficiency of the solar panels has dropped 8-12% because of the Wildfire Ash not bieng cleaned off. 

Never Ever Pressure Wash your panels and never ever use hose water!! 

How Often Should I Clean My Solar Panels?

Having an official solar panel maintenance schedule is not necessary because there’s nothing, you’ll need to maintain other than an occasional light cleaning. The most efficient plan is simply to clean the panels as needed. How often you will need to clean your solar panels depends on your climate region and the specific area you live in. Generally late spring or during the summer is recommended after pollen has settled.

Additionally, check your solar power monitoring system routinely. It will indicate when your panels are underperforming. If you notice a decrease in power output from your solar panels, the first thing to check is the cleanliness of the panel surfaces to see if they need cleaning.

3. Rainwater doesn’t do it for you

Most solar panel owner don’t clean their solar panels after it rains because they think they don’t need to because the rainwater will do it for them. But that’s not true. Like how you need to clean your car’s windshield more often during the rainy season, your solar panels need to be cleaned more often as well. So, it is recommended that you don’t rely on rainwater to clean your panels automatically, because it just doesn’t happen.


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